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Hairbrush or Wave Glyder: Which is better to achieve a 360-wave pattern?

If you want to have a 360-wave pattern around your head, it is difficult to maintain and achieve it. Depending on your hair’s texture, it might take weeks to achieve the 360-wave pattern.

Brushing your hair is the most critical step in achieving this look.

What is a Hairbrush?

A hairbrush is used for arranging or smoothing a person’s hair.

To have curly hair, you need a brush that won’t pull and stretch your curls. For super-tight curls, you need a soft brush. You also need a detangler to manage your stubborn knots. You also need a special kind of brush to remove hair product build-up.

A lot of hairbrushes target specific hair - such as tight curls, and curls with stubborn knots. Knowing what you specifically need can be daunting and stressful.

Using the correct hairbrush and knowing when you must use them is important. Such as, brushing only on wet hair, taming your curls without dam

aging them, and how you define your curls. These are things that one must remember when purchasing a hairbrush.

What is a Wave Glyder?

It smooths down those stubborn hairs. It uses interchangeable attachments that give you the flexibility to choose what works for the length and texture of your hair. It helps define your waves and it is often called the compression brush.

There are 2 attachments, the ridges and the fingerprint-like pattern. The ridges help weigh down your hair while the fingerprint helps lay down your 360 waves. It also comes with an attachment that you can use to dip the attachment and butter it on your hair.

Why use Wave Glyder?

It allows you to not only smooth down your stubborn curls but also allow you to apply hair products at the same time. It makes your waves pop and this is the first of its kind in the market.

A hairbrush may be an effective tool but it does not let your waves be as prominent as a wave glyder!

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