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What Should You Consider When Choosing A Barbershop?

New barbershops are starting to open everywhere! Is it worth trying out these new barbers in town? Or Is it better to just have a go-to barbershop?

Well it all depends whether or not you are specific about your hair and you are trying to maintain a consistent image. If you do not have a regular barbershop to go to, you will end up with a different stylist and will be forced to explain over and over again how you would like your hairstyle to be done.

Every man needs a reliable and skilled barber that will give you a consistent, sharp haircut with every visit. But how can you find the best barber that understands your style and personality?

Here are some tips on how to find a good barber.

1. Learn From Other People’s Experience

Pay attention to what people say about the barbershop! And though bad reviews are inevitable, you may want to see more positive reviews to give you an idea on what to expect from what the barbershop has to offer.

Also, when you see friends with great hair, don’t be shy to ask where they get their hair done. They would be more than happy to give some recommendations.

2. Follow Different Barber Shops On Social Media

Following barbershops on social media will allow you to see the personality of the shop and their barbers through what they post. You will also be able to see pictures of different hairstyles they do and services they offer.

And most of the time, they post ongoing promotions! This will help you save money while still trying to figure out the right barber who puts quality of work and good customer service above all else.

3. Do A Research On Your Barber

What is your barber’s personal grooming like? A great barber should take his personal appearance seriously because it will reflect the haircut he gives.

Make sure your barber has good training! A good barber usually hangs their certificate in their shop. And though some seem to be born with a pair of trimming scissors in their hands, most learn after extensive training and experience.

A skilled barber should match his technique to the shape and contour of your head. He will assess your face and the texture and color of your hair.

4. Look For Barbershop That Are Busy And Convenient To You

If you see a barbershop that seems to never run out of customers inside the shop, you may want to find out what all the hype is about. You may have a hard time getting an appointment, but it will surely be worth it. You may want to plan ahead if you need a haircut to prepare for a big day.

Choose a barbershop that is convenient when it comes to parking, schedule and location. While some shops may be worth the travel, you can save time and gas money by finding a place a bit closer.

5. Pick A Shop And Try It

While doing research is important, you will never know if the barber and his service is right for you unless you try it!

Make sure to express what kind of hairstyle or service you would like to the barber. If you don’t correctly explain, you could end up with a hairstyle you didn’t expect through no fault of the barber.

During your initial visit, you need to listen to see if the barber communicates the right questions. A good barber will always ask to make sure he delivers what you want. He also needs to ask for constant feedback while doing your haircut so that he can preempt any haircut disasters.

Finally, take in the environment around you to verify that you feel comfortable. How is its cleanliness? Do you like the feel and aesthetics of the shop? Are you content with its customer services?

Finding a good barbershop is a major relief, especially for men who really care about their hair. A well put together man needs a consistent, competent barber in his life.

Having a barber you know will keep you consistently looking sharp, confident and smelling like a man with every visit to the barber chair.


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