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The Ultimate Grooming Guide: 8 Habits of a Well-Groomed Man

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

There’s nothing more empowering than feeling good about yourself - all it takes is constant maintenance! Adopt these 8 grooming habits and you will definitely notice a huge difference in the way you feel.

1. Always smell good

The general rule of thumb is to shower once per day, ideally at night. Your body usually builds up sweat and odor during the day. Therefore, washing daily is non-negotiable if you want to feel clean and fresh everyday. Also, do not forget to use deodorant before leaving the house to prevent body odor. And of course, these two tips are not enough for you to smell good. Make sure to wear your signature perfume that is right with your personality and will remind others of you.

2. Clean and moisturize your face daily

Dehydrated skin can indeed look flaky and dull. That’w why if you wish to have healthier skin, you need to tend to your skin first thing in the morning and at the end of the day after it has been exposed to the elements. Lock in those moisture using a moisturizer ideal to your skin type.

3. Wear sun protection

UV rays are the skin’s worst enemy! It can cause premature ageing and cellular damage. And what’s worse is that we are exposed to this all the time even in winter. That is why you should not miss putting on sunscreen if you wish to look good and young as long as possible. If you dislike putting too much on your face, you can look for a moisturizer that has SPF 15 which is enough to guard your skin against moderate exposure.

4. Look after your smile and take care of that bad breath

Consider how confident you might feel if you could smile and laugh without questioning your appearance. Your teeth don’t have to be perfectly aligned but they sure need to be clean. You can achieve this by brushing your teeth daily. However, it is also imperative to floss regularly to make sure you get those plaques out in between your teeth. To elevate your oral game, you may also use a mouthwash to have that fresh breath.

5. Keep your facial hair trimmed

It is said that shaving is a skill and it's something that is worth learning. You may do research or seek advice from an expert. A great tip is to shave after your daily shower when the skin is extra soft and supple from the steam. You should also prepare your skin beforehand to prevent your skin from unnecessary damage like razor burn and ingrown hairs and more! If you feel like this is too much, leave your precious face in the hands of the experts and get a professional shave once a week.

6. Trim your nails weekly

Dedicate 5 minutes to clip your nails weekly. Not only your fingernails, which are quite visible but also your toenails! You may also treat the rough, flaky skin around the nail bed with a tiny bit of moisturizer every couple of days to smooth things over.

7. Be gentle with your hair and scalp

Your hair and scalp need as much effort as the skin on your face in order to stay healthy. Wash your hair regularly to keep it free from dirt, grime, excess sebum, and hair products. It is also good to condition more and shampoo less. Invest in the right products like shampoo, conditioner and styling wax.

8. Become a regular at your barbers

Keep your hair looking neat! You need to get into the habit of regular stays in the barber's chair in order for your hairstyle to look good. While some guys can settle for monthly appointments, it might be different for your case. If you feel like you need to get your hair trimmed, do not hesitate to book an appointment.

Find a barber or salon that you trust and stick with them. Are you struggling to find the best barber that understands your style and personality? Check out my other blog for tips on how to find a good barber:

Remember. Look Good. Smell Good. Feel Good. It will change your life!


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